Berger Paints: Set an Incredible Ambience Indoors

Homeowners wish both the interior and exterior of their homes to look cosy since, it is the one place where they feel comfortable and attain peace of mind after a long day at work. The ambience of the interiors should be such that it allows homeowners to relax. This ambience can be set or changed by employing top-notch paint in a single shade or a combination of contrasting shades.
Indoor paints are capable of making your living space a haven. They are different when compared to exterior paints as they are not exposed to the forces of nature. Exterior Paints need to be more durable or retouching will have to be performed sooner. Most interior paints are smooth to touch and add a glow to the walls. So if you want a wall with a smooth finish then Berger Paints should be your ideal choice.
Your bedroom, living room and any other room you wish to adorn with this paint will make you feel welcome instantaneously. Some of the most popular variants Berger offers are Berger Rangoli, Berger Rangoli Easy Clean and Berger Silk.
Berger Rangoli gives the best coverage, smoothness, whiteness and finish to any wall. It is bio-resistant and prevents growth of fungus and algae on walls. Berger Rangoli Easy Clean offers the option of being dirt resistant and can be cleaned without losing its buttery smooth texture. The texture of Berger Silk is smoother than that of the aforementioned variations. This variation makes the walls appear luxurious, silky and classy at reasonable prices.
I knew I had made a wise decision by choosing Berger Paints for beautifying the interiors of my home. The official website of Berger Paints provided an opportunity for me to view which colour would suit the interiors of my home. The interactive process of choosing a colour for my walls had piqued my interest. I had no problem visualising my room and was able to come up with the perfect combination. Placing an order is quite easy and I decided to opt for the Berger Rangoli Paint since, it is cost effective. It is durable and offers great coverage to the surface area.
I would suggest an application of a layer of primer before you cover the wall in the paint if you want it to last long. If primer is not applied then the layer of paint might start chipping off sooner than expected.


• Affordable price

• Good surface coverage

• Smooth finish

• Numerous colour options to choose from

• Bio-resistant

• Easy to clean


• Cannot withstand damp walls

Berger Paints are classy and the manufacturer has been offering paints for several years. If you want to give your home a makeover within a limited budget, Berger Paints are the most suitable option.

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