BSA Ladybird Splash 26” –A cycle for all occasion

BSA Ladybird Splash 26” has to offer to you a wide range of bicycles for females as well as for juniors. I would like to review on Splash 26” which is one of the cycles from the range of BSA ladybird. BSA Ladybird is there to cater to the needs of girls starting from the age of 8 years. Basically, BSA is a brand of Hercules which is running very successfully throughout India as well as all over the world since 1949. It’s a UK based company.
Splash 26” is feminine and is very comfortable to ride on. It can be afforded by people from all spheres of life and profession. This is specially designed for girls and is very easy to ride on. Once you purchase Splash 26” then your life is transformed with fun and becomes very adventurous if you enjoy cycling. Instead of availing any public transport you would always prefer to ride on your bicycle as it is highly comfortable.
BSA Ladybird Splash 26” has an overall star rating and its price is Rs.5640 as listed on their official website, but the price may vary depending upon the site. If you need a cycle immediately for travelling or for some adventurous purpose then you can always opt for this range from BSA Ladybird. This is really within the range of almost each and every citizen of the world and it is quite affordable. I myself has been using the cycle for a long time and I love cycling it on terrains. It’s very easy on Terrains as guaranteed by the company.
Cycles are mainly purchased by people for travelling to nearby areas or for some adventurous or sporty purpose. Riding a bicycle every day is a very good exercise indeed. In fact, I bought a bicycle just to lose weight as I am an obese and the doctors suggested me to lose some extra fat. So instead of going to gym I found a more fruitful way to lose weight and that is by cycling. I have a park nearby my home and every morning I go out in the park for cycling. Trust me I did lose some of my extra fat. As I learnt how to cycle and at present I can ride a scooter even.
BSA Ladybird Splash 26” have a Stylish chain cover with Tires and tubes; thicker tires for all-round protection while on the ride. The Saddle with etched floral design looks very trendy. Many attractive colors like Barbie pink and arctic violet attract are also available.


• Etched floral PU saddle with PVC top

• Low step-through frame

• Wheel and Pedal reflectors

• Attractive Wire-Mesh basket

• Carrier- Integrated carrier

• Extra Wire mesh front utility basket, attractive sporty tire threads


• The featured pink color of the bicycle looks horrible on the cycle

If you are really looking for a very girly cycle then Splash 26” can serve your purpose.

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BSA Ladybird Splash 26”

A cycle for all generation

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