Domino’s Cheese Burst Pizza: A Scrumptious Cheesy Pizza

A commonly known fact is that a majority of mankind loves pizza, well how else would you explain the worldwide availability. Today scrumptious pizzas are savoured the world over due to the availability of different toppings, crusts and bases. Being able to customize the flavour by altering ingredients delights one and all and definitely contributes to the popularity of Pizzas.
Domino’s Pizza is a renowned international brand that is famed for its wide variety of delectable pizzas and a whole lot more. One tremendously popular pizza is the Domino’s Cheese Burst Pizza, which oozes oodles of cheese with each bite. This pizza is definitely one which every cheese lover is bound to savour. Just bite into it and let delicious liquid mozzarella cheese delight your taste buds. If you have an insatiable appetite for cheese, especially mozzarella cheese, the Cheese Burst Pizza will soon become your favourite comfort food. As warm cheese melts within your mouth you will realize exactly how pleasurable eating this pizza is.
Before you take your first bite I highly recommend that you stop and take in the amazing aroma that pleases your senses. While savouring this pizza you will notice that the base is loaded with a considerable amount of liquid cheese, however the base never gets soggy. In fact, a slight crunchy texture is retained despite of the overload of cheese. The sauce and toppings can be switched according to your taste so choose all your favourite ingredients and make your pizza as memorable as it can be.
My personal favourite Cheese Burst Pizza is the Classic Chic that contains generous portions of delectable smoked chicken breast, onions, chicken sausage, ripe olives and green peppers. This variant contains 100% liquid mozzarella cheese in between two thin and incredibly crunchy crusts and as soon as I bite into it a burst of warm and aromatic cheese takes over my entire mouth. I personally find the overall flavour is to die for because I keep having regular cravings.
Other variants are also available and new variants of the Domino’s Cheese Burst Pizza are introduced every now and then. Additionally, it also depends in the region that you live in because Domino’s is known for offering hints of regional and traditional flavours through its deliciously innovative pizzas. At Domino’s development of recipes is based on the tastes of customers, which is precisely why the menus are continually expanding and evolving.


• Overload of mouth watering liquid cheese

• Cheese certainly bursts into your mouth when you bite

• Not soggy and incredibly crunchy

• This range is available in a wide variety of pizzas

• It is available in regular and medium sizes

• Quite affordable however, prices are revised constantly

• Toppings incorporated can be of your choice


• May have a overwhelming aftertaste

If you love cheese and pizza, find them combined in the form of Dominos Cheese Burst Pizza.

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Domino’s Cheese Burst Pizza

A Scrumptious Cheesy Pizza

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