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Hubpages is an online platform where writers, also known as hubbers, can publish their content and earn revenue through it. Hubbers are also allowed to sell Amazon and Ebay products, however to earn from these websites a user needs to be their affiliate as well. The earning program of Hubpages allows individuals to receive payment by adding ads through Google Adsense.
The articles or hubs need to fulfil certain criteria to be published by Hubpages. The content for each article should be more than 700 words. At least 3 images should accompany the content because as the number of images increases traffic also increases. A video should also be attached to the content. Every article needs to have an opinion poll and Hubpages does not allow publishing of plagiarised content.
After you submit the article it takes up to 10 hours for it to be reviewed and approved. When articles are approved the logo of Hubpages appears beside them on the dashboard. When articles are not approved, they can be modified and resubmitted for approval.
I have been using Hubpages for two months now, and I would say that this is a platform that allows individuals to earn a considerable amount. Even though my first article was not approved, the ones which were approved and posted helped me earn a decent amount. Hubpages takes 40% of the earnings and the rest was sent to my PayPal account. The minimum limit for payment is $ 50 and once my earnings exceeded the amount I received my first pay.
Any individual can learn from the extensive learning material on how to create content for hubs and also general online content. Detailed information on how to become a successful blogger can be found either in other hubs or in the Learning Centre pages.
In the beginning, the page views and earnings are due to other members on Hubpages, as they are share, comment and also provide feedback. The website, content and advertising are not under your control. Problems with the site may result in deletion of content.Hubpages reviews your content so if any content is not approved it gets unpublished. When the keywords are considered to be inappropriate by Hubpages advertisements are removed from hubs, which results in losing a part of earnings.


• It is free of cost as hosting and domain names do not cost anything.

• A vast community of writers can be found online.

• Approachable and helpful staff members.


• You have to share your earnings and impressions with Hubpages.

An efficient and easy to blog platform that provides you with more than one ways of earning. Writers who can produce top-notch articles get a chance to earn through their writings and become part of an esteemed platform.

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An Excellent Online Writing Platform

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