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I had the great pleasure of eating at La Casa Mexican restaurant this past week. The restaurant is in a great location on Alexander Street in the city of Rochester, New York. It’s right across from the well-known coffee shop, Boulder Coffee, where locals enjoy music and comedy shows on a weekly basis.

While I go to Boulder every now and then, I had never even notices La Casa Restaurant across from it until recently. I decided to go this past week for lunch and I didn’t regret it one bit.

The atmosphere and the food were both great. It has a nice enclosed porch area, which doesn’t get much use this time of year, but looks like it’d be great in the summer. And inside was adorned with Frida Kahlo painting. The walls were painted beautiful colors – reds, blues, yellows, turquoise. And the booths were covered with traditional Mexican printed blankets.

The menu was short, but had all the traditional Mexican items you’d want. It had chicken, beef, or vegetable tacos and burritos. Quesodillas, enchaladas, and nachos were also options. There were also some unusual options. One particularly stood out to me. It was a taco with cactus in it!

That’s what I ended up ordering and the waitress warned me that it’d be spicy, but I’m not one to turn down spicy food. When it came, it looked great. But the waitress said that the chef wasn’t pleased with the way it came out so he was sending out another one. I took the second order to go and it was a great snack later.

The cactus was delicious and something I would definitely eat again. And the taco wasn’t too spicy, but it’s good she warned me, because if I didn’t like hot food, then it would have been too much.

My meal cost me $9, which is only slightly over average for similar food in the area. If it weren’t for the novelty of there being cactus in my food, I’m not sure it’d be worth it. But you can’t get a dish quite like that anywhere around, so I would definitely go back for it. Perhaps only on special occasions.

Overall the restaurant is a hidden gem in the Rochester area. It’s great for special occasions with people you’re close to – as long as they like spicy food!

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