Maybelline Colossal Kajal- The Perfect Budget Kohl

Maybelline’s Colossal Kajal is simply awesome; hence it is colossally popular among teenage girls and women alike. Taking its popularity into account Maybelline decided to delight women once more by introducing Maybelline Colossal Kajal with a long lasting 12-hour formula. The previous product offered a formula that lasted around 6 hours, however, this new offering offers longer wearing of nearly 12 hours.
The pack grabs your attention immediately owing to the unique shape and beautifully contrasting shades. The applicator glides along the waterline without irritating or tugging at it. You will never have to use force with this kajal because its texture is smooth and definitely creamier than the older version. This applicator is quite sturdy and protects the kohl within well enough. This 12 hour formula has been enriched with lavish ingredients such as vitamin E, Olive oil esters and vitamin C derivates. Additionally, through the incorporation of conditioning agents this kajal becomes creamier.
If you wish to define your eyes and draw attention to them without burning an incredibly large hole in your pocket Maybelline Colossal Kajal is the ideal product for you. The dark pigment facilitates an intense and bold colour that is smudge proof. Since, this product does not smudge easily it does not bleed under the eyes resulting in unsightly racoon eyes. Swiping it once across your waterline is enough to achieve a highly pigmented look, however a second application is recommended if you wish to achieve a more intense colour. You would be glad to know that owing to the creamier texture the second application also provides a smooth and even look.
Despite its many stupendous features, this amazing product does have its own shortcomings. In fact, the fact that the 12-hour formula lasts only 8 hours tops the list of shortcomings. The intense colour begins to fade when it hits the five-hour mark. After these five hours, however, the product begins to fade and smudge lightly. While the smudging isn’t significant the fading colour is certainly noticeable and this is when the need to reapply may arise. However, if you choose to go without reapplying you will definitely achieve at least 3 more hours of decent wearing, which means that this 12-hour formula actually lasts only up to 8 hours.

• Eye catching package

• Rich, smooth and creamier texture

• Glides easily facilitating gentle application

• Minimal smudging

• Lasts longer

• Does not bleed below the waterline

• Worth every penny spent


• Isn’t exactly smudge free

• The intense black colour does not reach the 12-hour mark

• This formula isn’t as pigmented as the previous one

Looking for outstanding kohl within a limited budget? Well, look no further as Maybelline Colossal Kajal is absolutely perfect for you.

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