Morning Stars Meatless Chicken Nuggets: A Good Alternative?

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  • Morning Star Chik'n Nuggets
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As a longtime vegetarian, I’m always looking for great meatless products that can pull together a meal. I’m always cooking with tofu, seitan, and tempeh. Though they don’t taste like meat, they add a certain element to a meal that is satisfying as well as tasty.

But sometimes tofu, seitan, and tempeh are too much work. You need to do all the seasoning and preparation yourself. While there’s many more quick meals available to meat-eaters, plenty of companies on the market offer meatless options.

Morning Star has a wide range of meat substitutes, from veggie burgers, to ground beef, to chicken. The Morning Stars meatless chicken nuggets are a great option for a quick snack or a side dish.

  • Quick & easy
  • Good for someone who wants to go meatless
  • Tastes good
  • Kosher dairy for those who are observant

  • More expensive than chicken nuggets
  • Higher fat
  • Carbohydrate & sodium count than regular chicken nuggets
  • Has allergens: soy, wheat, egg, milk and a ton of gluten

My favorite way to prepare these meatless chicken nuggets is like a buffalo wing. I make my own sauce, or if I’m feeling lazy, I buy premade sauce. And then I get bleu cheese to dip it in. It’s quick, easy, tastes delicious, and fills that craving for Buffalo wings.

But these nuggets are versatile too. Pretty much anything you can make with traditional chicken nuggets, you can make with these. Sweat and sour chicken, deep-fried chicken, chicken with barbeque sauce.

Another great meal I like to make is a chicken quesadilla. I bake the chicken nuggets and then cut them up into smaller pieces. Then I put them between two tortillas with some cheese and fry it in a pan. It’s as if you’re eating real chicken.

I’d recommend these chicken nuggets for any vegetarian who gets cravings for chicken. It doesn’t taste exactly the same, but it’s a great alternative. They’re delicious and easy.

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Great meat alternative!

Morning Star has some great meat alternatives for vegetarians. Here's what I think of their chicken nuggets.

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