Philips HD4938 Induction Cooker- An Efficient Feature Loaded Cooker

Cooking is now an easy and quick task thanks to the amazing Philips HD4938 Induction Cooker. The inbuilt features offered by this product aid in faster cooking as various conditions for cooking can be preset. The special auto off feature in this new device switches off the device preventing food from burning. This is definitely a must have product for every household, as it brilliantly simplifies the process of cooking. Maintaining the glass cook top is fairly effortless and the touch sensitive keys facilitate usability by making it incredibly easy to operate.

I would recommend this cooker to one and all as it is efficient in terms of power consumption too. The maximum power on the HD4938 induction cooker is 2100W and this excellent cooktop can be operated on both low and high powers. The energy and heat produced by this cooker is certainly more than enough to cook any scrumptious meal. I do not need to wait long for any dish to be cooked, since the induction technology speeds up the process of cooking. Owing to the fast heating process both consumption and wastage of energy, are reduced.

The efficiency of Philips HD4938 induction cooker certainly came as a pleasant surprise and I personally noticed the time required to boil water is reduced almost by 75-80%. The timer setting is an exceptional feature because the power automatically turns off when the time is over. This device fits perfectly to reduce the rush in the hectic routines of the existing common family. While you are performing other daily chores the food gets cooked without burning, so get ready for office without worrying and keeping an eye on the stove. In fact, in cases when the time taken to cook a particular food item is known this timer allows an individual to set up the food for cooking.

Another feature which I greatly appreciate is the delay timer. This timer will turn on heating of the device after a specified duration of time. Now food will be hot and ready when you want it to be. The delay timer can be set up for a delay of maximum 24 hours. Preset menus allow this cooker to prepare specified dishes for which the timing has already been fixed and programmed into the settings. More than one dish is available in this preset menu and a single click allows the dish to be cooked without any guidance from the user.


• Energy efficient

• Time efficient

• Timer

• Delay timer

• Preset menu

• Easy to clean surface

• Safe glass cooking surface


• Limited preset menu that cannot be programmed by user

With the incorporation of induction technology this cooker prepares food quickly. Trust Philips HD4938, for a safe, easy to use, easy to clean and efficient cooker.

9.5 Total Score
Cooking is now an easy and quick task thanks to the amazing Philips HD4938 Induction Cooker.

A simply best cooking product

Portable and user-friendly
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