Philips LED: A Feature Loaded yet Affordable TV

There are numerous LED TVs available in the market, however not all of them are feature loaded. Philips invents both simple versions with basic features as well as devices which offer more than basic features. The Philips 5000 series is part of this feature loaded category, since it is a smart TV with apps like Netflix and in-built Wi-Fi settings.
The 5000 series is an affordable range of televisions and provides a wide array of delightful features. The built-in Wi-Fi allows it to be connected to the internet, facilitating connectivity to apps like YouTube, Hulu or Netflix. Content from these apps can directly be accessed on the smart screen. The Wi-Fi accesses the home network and also supports in maintaining connection between computer and this LED/LCD screen TV.
The computer screen can be projected on this device’s screen with the use of MediaConnect which does not require cords to establish connection between the screen and the rest of the system. This allows you to switch to a larger screen whenever needed. You can access photos, music and video files through USB devices as the USB slot is conveniently located at the side of the TV and allows the device to act as a mere content browser before accessing any files.
The full HD screen has a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels which is generally used with wider screens. It is future proof since it offers to collect signals from HD game consoles and Blu-Ray devices. Subsequently, the signal processing quality has improved manifold which supports access to high-resolution images. The manufacturer claims that the device produces bright and colourful images without blurring and flickering even at top speed and HD quality.
Two HDMI ports are available through which Philips LED TV can be connected to more than one device via cords. For instance, multiple sources like set-top box or game console can be attached along with the Blu-Ray player. It is due to these ports that the HD picture quality is restored, as RGB levels are controlled by the connection ensured by cords.
Furthermore, a surround sound system increases the virtual space between the two speakers so that it produces the effect of high quality audio. A natural dimension is created for sounds and there is no need for additional speakers to enhance the experience.
I have been using this TV and my only complaint would be the display since, it is not up to the standard claimed by maker.


• Allows connection to multiple devices.

• Low power consumption.

• Multiple HDMI ports

• LED/LCD screen

• USB connectivity

• Surround sound


• The picture quality is not top-notch.

Budget LEDs offer some top-notch features whereas other features are compromised. The affordable price tag has certainly compromised overall picture quality. This Philips LED TV however, provides all the other features of a smart TV in an exceptionally affordable price range.

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Philips LED

A Feature Loaded yet Affordable TV

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