Review on Mophie’s juice pack for IPhone 5

If you have an IPhone user and you are a heavy user and you need to keep your battery charged 24/7. So this is basically a twin in one case which will serve your purpose of keeping your IPhone in style and protected. At the same time, it serves your purpose of charging your phone. I myself use this case for my IPhone as I am a heavy user and I would like to review upon it.
The case is a bit bulky as well as thick. It is also coated in a rubberized soft touch material with a grippy band around the cases edges. The case uses plastic buttons for volume and power. It’s very simple to use these buttons though they appear to be frail and fragile. It has a camera sensor cutout and is available in red, black and white. The case comes in two parts with the bottom section housing the lightning connector on the inside and a micro USB port on the outside for charging. There’s an indication button and a standby switch for activating the flow of juice. Mophie’s choice of using a micro USB port for charging is very much handy for me as well as affordable.
Normally the case gives you a battery of 2100mAh. Even with the continuous use of my phone for calling purpose with my Wi-Fi and Bluetooth being switched on it still gave me a talk time of 7 hours and 23 minutes to my fully charge less IPhone 5. The Mophie Juice pack case Plus is the highest capacity IPhone 5 battery case as tested with a classy and sophisticated design. It gives you hours and hours of battery life.
I personally feel that this Mophie’s latest juice pack place for IPhone 5 is specially designed for people like me as I being a business woman need my battery to last for almost 15 hours a day. Maximum time of the day I am out of my house and office so this battery case really serves my purpose well. At times when I am travelling for business purpose and I need to follow up with my clients and need my phone urgently to attend business calls then this juice pack plus case serves my purpose and keeps my battery charged up.


• Sleek

• Light-weight

• Built in lightning connector

• Full body protection

• Adds hours of battery


• Adds physical strength to IPhone 5

If you are a heavy user and you want a grand battery backup so that you can call and receive calls then Mophie’s Juice Pack Plus is just the case for what you are hunting.

9.5 Total Score
Mophie Juice Pack

Mophie’s Juice Pack Plus is just the case for what you are hunting

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