Subway burger- the best place for burgers

If you are a burger lover and you want to enjoy quality food at affordable prices then you must visit any store of Subway. People of all ages from kids to adults love to have Subway burger. There are various retail chain stores of fast food available in India as well as around the globe, but I would always prefer Subway burgers if I opt for burgers only. Subway is a USA based company and is founded by Fred Deluca. If you are a vegetarian then the company has a solution to that too. It has several burger delight for vegetarians.
The best thing about Subway is it provides you with nutritional information so that if you have any problem then you can eat accordingly. Your health is their top priority. Subway basically specializes in burgers but also includes deserts, salads, and cookies. If you order anything with Subway the food is served to you within 22 minutes of your order. So if you are really very hungry then you must visit this restaurant. If you need a home delivery then that will be made available to you.
I would specially like to review about roasted chicken which is my all time favorite. I would also like to place before you the nutritional table of roasted chicken so that you don’t miss out any opportunity of trying out this delicious and yummy dish. It contains 0.0 of calories, total fat (%), carbohydrates (g), Protein (g) and fat-free (%).

You can even compare and eat from among their range of burgers. You can actually choose the burger which suits your health. I prefer this particular burger so as to avoid fat and calories but still as we all know some amount of fat and calories does enter our body from these fast foods. If you want to avoid a bit of carbohydrate then you can surely opt for this product from among their collections of burgers.


• Freshly baked bread

• The toppings are spicy jalapenos and my hot favorite crisp green peppers

• You are also getting a range of salads which are freshly cut inside your burger. This makes your burger even healthier.

• The roasted chicken is a yum

• Liquid cheese will be also there

• Burgers are very much affordable

• You can also ask for extra cheese if you want it to be cheesy but for that you need to pay an extra price


• Not apt for obese people

This is one of my hot favorites as I love roasted or baked chicken and also the toppings on the burger. So if you have a taste such as mine then you can surely opt for Subways roasted chicken.

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Subway burger

Subway burger- the best place for burgers

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